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Dangerous Driving Conditions

Changes in the weather can make driving both challenging and dangerous. Accumulations of water, ice, and snow can present hazards to motorists and can also quickly reduce visibility. During these times, it is more important than ever to pay special attention to safety and to take certain precautions to avoid being involved in an accident.

Road Conditions and Auto Accidents

The best way to maintain control and safety while driving in bad weather is to slow down. According to the University of California at Berkeley’s Traffic Safety Center, driving too fast for weather conditions plays a major role in car accidents. Many drivers do not adjust their driving speed to match road conditions. Inclement weather requires you to use extra caution including lowering your speed¬†and allowing for greater spacing between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

The manner in which other drivers react to changes in the weather can also significantly increase the risk of an accident. An excessively cautious driver may overestimate the dangers of the road and drive at an unreasonably low speed. Other drivers may ignore weather or hazardous conditions altogether by driving too fast, placing everyone on the road at risk.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to have ideal road conditions year round. Chances are that when the weather turns bad, you will encounter drivers who respond poorly to the changing road conditions.

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