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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

While it’s a natural feeling to try to avoid bankruptcy, filing is often the most prudent and fastest way to turn around a bad financial situation. Many clients are faced with no ability to repay existing debt and the anxiety and stress that goes with that. Bankruptcy can eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, lines of credit and even tax debt in some situations. Bankruptcy is about starting over and getting the fresh start you deserve to take back control of your finances.









Do I Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Filing for bankruptcy is more that just filling out forms. It is a complicated legal process that requires an experienced attorney that can help provide asset protection advice, so that you can retain your property. We support our clients every step of the way and guide them through the legal process while answering and addressing any questions or issues that may arise. From the property that you can keep to the amount of debt you can discharge; our experienced team can save you money through our careful pre-bankruptcy planning.  Our Attorneys have the experience and understanding of the bankruptcy process to help you achieve the financial stability you desire.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or “liquidation bankruptcy”, offers immediate relief and a fresh start for the petitioner. The filing of the case acts as an automatic stay of all creditor collection activities, including creditor calls, collection notices and garnishments.  A successful discharge in bankruptcy results in an individuals unsecured debt being completely wiped out. Creditors are paid through assets deemed unnecessary to live and work and debtors can often keep their house and cars if they continue to make the payments. Examples of the types of unsecured debt that can be discharged is credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, past due utility bills and collection bills.

Benefits of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:




Immediate Debt Relief


No Debt Limits


Repossession Actions Cease


No Re-payment plan to the court


You retain your exempt property, which is most of what you own, if not everything


Creditor Harassment Stops


All Foreclosure Actions Will Stop


Civil Lawsuits Cease


A fresh start and a better financial future

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If you feel overwhelmed by your finances and feel like you are drowning in debt, the experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Law Office of Robert Arentz are here to help. We understand the difficulty caused by financial problems and our firm has dedicated itself to helping individuals and businesses get a fresh start through bankruptcy.

Our Supervising Attorney Robert Teague has successfully filed over 15,000 bankruptcy petitions here in Arizona over the past two decades. While many clients are initially hesitant, don’t understand or are afraid to file for bankruptcy, we help you understand the benefits and the many financial relief options that bankruptcy offers.  Our firm offers a free debt evaluation to help determine which option is best for you.

Robert R. Teague

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If you are considering bankruptcy and want to find out what benefits it may offer, please contact our experienced bankruptcy team today at (602)266-9600 or by email at We offer a free debt review with no cost or obligation for your initial visit. The bankruptcy team at The Law Office of Robert Arentz is here to help and determine whether bankruptcy is a good option for you.



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